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Demo Racket/Restring Services

We pride ourselves on the professional and personalised racket and restring advice we provide. We also recognise that rackets are best chosen when tested. This is why we offer a demo service of our top performance rackets. More information about these services can be found below.stu is stupid.jpg

Racket Demo Service

We have a demo racket of each top tier model currently in stock. Customers are able to collect these in-store, or by ordering online. To order online select the 'demo' option from the grip size drop-down menu on the product page of the racket you would like to try. Demo rackets are paid at full price and are lent for a period of 2 weeks. At the end of the period, you would simply mail the demo back to us (postage cost incurred); indicating whether you wish to go ahead with the purchase, accept a refund, or have the demo exchanged for another. In the event of an exchange, you would place a new order and be refunded for the demo being returned. There is no limit to the number of rackets you can demo, however a £10 demo fee is charged on any racket refunded or exchanged. The demo fee is waived on any racket that you decide to purchase. Please also note that the free restringing service does not apply to any demo sold in the shop, if you wish to get the racket restrung please contact us for further information.

This is a hugely popular service so demo rackets can become unavailable from time to time. In the event that your desired demo is being used by someone else, we will notify you when it becomes available or offer you an alternative that you may wish to consider.  Demos are only available for our adult performance range. If you can't see a demo option within the grip size-drop down menu, it means we don't offer a demo of that racket.

We are always happy to aid you in selecting a racket.  If you are wishing to demo a racket but unsure what to go for, simply get in touch with us via phone, email, live chat, social media or on our contact us page. 


Restring Service

We offer a professional re-string service for tennis, badminton, squash and racketball rackets. We have strung rackets for the Luxembourg, Hungary and Slovakia Davis Cup teams. We have strung rackets for Andy Murray, Dan Evans, Neil Skupski, Paul Jubb, John McEnroe, Mark Philippoussis, Greg Rusedski, Carlos Moya, Wayne Ferreira, Mikael Pernfors and Thomas Enqvist. We regularly string rackets for Glasgow's own pride and joy, Paralympic gold medalist, grand slam winning and former world #1, Gordon Reid. We have an average turnover of 60 rackets per week. Through all this experience and being avid players ourselves we can offer professional and personalised advice on what string and tension would best suit your racket and your game. The stringing machine we use is a Babolat Sensor Dual Electronic, which minimizes human error resulting in an accurate restring. We offer a wide range of string and pride ourselves on being able to offer a next-day latest service. We are always happy to give advice in regards to string type and tension. Please visit get in touch with us via phone, email, live chat, social media or on our contact us page. 

Custom Restrings and Unstrung Rackets

We recognise rackets that come factory strung may not be to everyone's liking, so we offer custom restrings on any new racket purchased. This service is only available for our adult performance rackets, for which a demo service is available. We waive our labour charge, so the only cost to be paid is the cost of the string itself. Once your purchase is complete, to request a custom restring, simply send us a message through our contact us page with the string and tension you'd like and we'll be in touch. Restring turnaround times are prompt, so using this service will not delay your order.

A number of adult performance rackets are now sold unstrung. We will always make contact with customers, prior to shipping whenever an unstrung racket is purchased. A restring will be offered free of charge, however string choice will be limited. If the desired string is of higher quality and costs more than what normally would be expected from a brand factory string, the difference in cost will be charged in addition to the cost of the racket. If a restring isn't required, then the racket will be shipped as is.  

Please make contact in the event that an unstrung racket is desired. If available, we will ship or request one from a brand.  If no contact is made, and the racket is strung, the racket will be sent as is.

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