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2 Minute Review - HEAD Extreme Tour

The 2022 HEAD Extreme and tennis player Matteo Berrettini

Ross Lyon |

Key Specifications (unstrung)

  • Head Size = 98 sq. inch
  • Weight = 310g
  • Length = 27 inch
  • String Pattern = 16x19
  • Balance = 315 (head light)

Released in August 2022, the HEAD Extreme Tour features some new upgrades to the ever-popular Extreme line. The new frame now reacts better to forces created at contact, ensuring that your racket stays stable throughout your swing, while providing optimised feel and control.

At 310g unstrung, the Extreme Tour edition is slightly heavier, however it is also head-light which improves manoeuvrability. After a short play test, our resident pro Jordan was ready to share his thoughts.

Jordan's Thoughts

As a Pure Drive player, Jordan found that the Extreme was quite similar in shape and build. The new frame has been designed with HEAD's new Auxetic technology - which stabilises the racket through impact to ensure you always have optimal feel. Jordan loved this upgrade - explaining that he felt it produced a bigger sweet spot while also improving his feel and comfort. 

At 310g but head light, the racket is well equipped to produce both power and spin whilst also being easy to swing fast. Jordan felt that he could easily produce spin and shape with the Extreme - likely as a result of the open string pattern (16x19).

Another update on this racket is the addition of Spin Grommets - which are designed to let your strings move slightly in order to rip the ball with more spin from each swing. 

Cosmetically, while it may still be too bright for some players, the Extreme's slightly muted yellow and green update is another reason to love this one!

In conclusion, the racket is a great choice for players looking for a balanced racket. The enlarged sweet spot and comfort are two great reasons to check this one out now!

Check out our video review below:

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