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2 Minute Review - Prince Tour 100 (310g)

The logo of tennis brand Prince tennis

Ross Lyon |

Key Specifications (unstrung):

  • Head Size = 100 sq. inch
  • Weight = 310g 
  • Length = 27 inch
  • String Pattern = 16x18
  • Balance = 310mm (head light)

Released in May 2022, the Prince Tour 100 (310g edition) produces easy spin with its wide string pattern, and excels in manoeuvrability. Whilst it is very head light (around 10pts head light), the racket weighs 310g which produces enough power to satisfy most players. After a hitting session with the racket, Jordan gathered his thoughts on this racket.

Jordan's Thoughts

Jordan has history with Prince rackets, and was super excited to get this racket on court. Having played with Prince rackets as a child, he was hoping to not be disappointed. It should feel heavy when you get out on court, yet its very head light – which provided Jordan with great manoeuvrability, particularly in and around the net.

A highlight of this racket was its performance on volleys – it provides some great, consistent feel. From the back of the court, its very forgiving and its easy to generate spin – especially when strung with a polyester string.

Featuring an old school, black and white cosmetic design which adorns the length of the racket, upon a closer look there are some brilliant flashes of turquoise and orange around the frame.

To conclude, this edition of the Prince Tour provided some great feel at the net, was forgiving at the back of the court and was stable throughout every strike!

Check out our video review below!

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