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2 Minute Review - Wilson Clash 108

Wilson Clash Racket Promotional Photo

Ross Lyon |

Key Specifications (unstrung)

  • Head Size = 108 inch
  • Weight = 280g
  • Length = 27 inch
  • String Pattern = 16x19
  • Balance = 335mm

Wilson released their updated Clash V2 line-up in February 2022, 3 years on from the ground-breaking successes of the release of the Clash V1. While the V1 beta test models created a storm on social media for sporting zebra-esque black and white stripes on the frame, the finished product was presented in a slick orange, grey and black finish. This new update features a sleek crimson red paint job. To prepare for this review, Jordan trialled the Clash V2 108 model, a racket perfect for club level and intermediate players due to its enlarged head size. 


Here at String Sports we love to discuss and pore over the new tour level and pro level racket models as much as the next tennis fan! But we also love checking out rackets designed for club level players too - especially as they are great for consistent feel and hitting. 

Therefore over the summer months we will be checking out a variety of rackets perfect for club level players; first up in this testing series is the Wilson Clash 108. An eagerly anticipated release, the V2 has proved popular amongst all levels of player in the past year. 

Jordan was really surprised by the Clash 108 after testing. The racket makes hitting feel efficient and smooth, and consistent rallying is where the racket really comes to life. The enlarged head size (almost 10sq inches larger than top end models) creates a large sweet spot for the player. Larger sweet spots are great for club and intermediate players as they reduce mishits and improve overall consistency - the Clash 108 is a forgiving racket for all players. 

Another great feature of this model is the combination of the weight and balance of the racket. The racket is slightly head light, and also slightly lighter than advanced rackets - weighing in at 280g instead of around 300g,305g etc. This creates a model which creates efficient racket head speed and is stable through contact, while also still being light enough to prevent wear and tear injuries from swinging heavier rackets.

Overall this racket is great for learning and improving your game with. It's easy to control and creates consistently efficient power for whoever uses it! 

Check out our video review below!

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