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2 Minute Review - Wilson Ultra 100 v4

The Wilson Ultra in the hands of tennis player Maria Sakkari

Ross Lyon |

Key Specifications (unstrung):

  • Head Size = 100 sq. inch
  • Weight = 300g 
  • Length = 27 inch
  • String Pattern = 16x19
  • Balance = 330 (slightly head light)

Released in September 2022, the Wilson Ultra 100 v4 draws upon what made it's predecessor popular, but refines it to create a stable, yet powerful racket. The racket is now more efficient in power creation, whilst also featuring enhanced manoeuvrability and a more stable frame. 

The racket is 300g unstrung, with a balance point of 7 points head light. After putting the racket through its paces in a hitting session, Jordan gathered his thoughts on the racket. 

Jordan's Thoughts

We found that it is quite similar in specifications and frame to the Babolat Pure Drive - the racket which Jordan currently uses. The Ultra has always been a great all round racket, and this recent update follows this trend further - producing controlled power through efficiency for its users. 

For player's with a one handed backhand, they may find the slightly raised "ULTRA" on one side of the racket's throat to cause slight discomfort when being held in the ready position. However, this was only an initial thought, and Jordan felt that after a short period of time this would easily be ignored. 

In respect to the new look, Wilson's recent racket releases have an updated cosmetic appearance. Featuring a colour shifting design and a matte finish, the Ultra v4 now features hints of purple and teal on the frame. Altogether, this creates a racket which looks great on and off the court.

In conclusion, this is a solid all round racket - great for club players looking for some extra power which they can easily control. We felt the Ultra created more power per swing when compared to the Wilson Blade - however the Wilson Clash was still more powerful than the Ultra.

Check out our video review below! 

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