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Luxilon Eco Power Tennis String Review

Luxilon Eco Power String Review

Callum Blair |

The Luxilon Eco Power is the latest tennis string to come out of the Luxilon labs, its 100% recycled design is fully sustainable giving tennis players an environmentally friendly choice when it comes to their restrings, but does the string live up to the hype when it comes to performance? 


When it comes to delivering high-performing tennis equipment using sustainable production methods, Luxilon is no stranger. They have created their first ever string with sustainability in mind. The Eco Power string has been made with up-cycled nylon, a combination of 90% recycled PET bottles and 10% other plastics, that would normally end up in landfills. This makes the Luxilon Eco Power an environmentally friendly option for all players who are looking for a sustainable stringing option to reduce their carbon footprint.

Luxilon have promised 'uncompromising performance' Eco Power has the 'same protocols regarding durability, strength, and tension loss as well as being held to the same quality levels as current Luxilon strings.'

Its hexagonal shape provides a grippy edge for additional spin with a medium firmness making the string great for big hitters but not great for those with any elbow related injuries.


I've now been playing with the Eco Power string for the last few months and I've got to say it feels really nice.

Luxilon was not lying when they stated uncompromising performance, it has great durability for a hexagonal shaped string (mind I'm not a string breaker at all), and keeps its tension for longer than I anticipated. It manages to generate some serious power and with the grippy hexagonal edges allows me to be confident in big hitting at the back of the court, as the spin keeps the ball deep in the court. 

Overall it feels very similar to Luxilon's Alu Power but with a slightly higher firmness more similar to that of Head Lynx Tour. If you are an all-round player looking for a string with good durability and power look no further than Eco Power. With its superior performance and durability, this string is a must-have for anyone looking to dominate the court and give back to the planet.

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